Monday, July 7, 2008

Back to Square 1

So today we went to the pediatricians office to pick up an RX for a chest X-ray. AJ has had a persistent cough for a long time now. We tried some allergy meds and then antibiotics to rule out a sinus infection. Since those didn't work the Dr. wanted to make sure it wasn't asthma. So we went over to the hospital and had the X-ray done. It came back negative which is great! However, now I don't know what we will do. Maybe see an allergist?? I called the Dr. but it was already late so hopefully I'll get a call back tomorrow.
On a fun note my sister in-law is pregnant and we found out that it's a boy today. I already have a niece so 2 boys and 2 girls will be great!


Shannon ( said...

I'm glad the x-rays were negative. I'm an x-ray tech and work in Exton. You should have came for a visit...not that I would have known you. But every mom that comes in with their kids now I want to ask if they blog!

Shannon said...

havent we had this conversation like a million times about our kids??? its such a double edge sword.... it's awesome that the x-rays are neg, but then you are left with no answers??? just keep plugging forward like you always do. you're such a great advocate for your kiddos! and a big old CONGRATS to your SIL and BIL! How exciting!

And, BTW, your blog design is awesome. Totally lovin' it!