Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm Back...

Whether you care or not:) So we didn't go on vacation but were just very busy with the long weekend. So I was pretty much disconnected. It was a nice break but I was itching to get back to the blogging. Here's the run down on the weekend:
Thursday- Hubbie took a half day and we went to the country club. Well, okay we don't actually belong to a country club but our next door neighbors put in a beautiful pool. They were away and told us to feel free to use it. Of course, we took them up on the offer.
Friday, July 4th- I did take a moment to reflect on the day, particularly thinking about those currently fighting for our country and freedom. And those, like my Dad, who have served in the past. Then I did what Americans do best... I celebrated free commerce and shopped till I dropped. The weather was lousy so I left the family at home and hit the mall. Since I can now fit into things a little bit better I was excited to buy a few cute items. Friday evening we went to my brother in-law and sister in-laws house for dinner. We were supposed to see the fireworks but they were rained out.
Saturday- Bad weather again so we did a bunch of errands. Then we went to a local family fun place. They have a climbing structure, bowling, etc. Funky Chicken was content to just watch while big brother had a great time.

We then went out to dinner at Friendly's. AJ had his first ice cream sundae. He's had ice cream plenty of times just not hot fudge. There are more carbs in the fudge than in the ice cream! And boy did we pay for it. His BS (blood sugar) was sky high all night and we were checking him every 2 hours. It was worth it remembering the look on his face while he was eating it.
Sunday- My parents came out to visit. We had lunch out and did a little shopping. Here's Funky Chicken with Grandma.Later that night after my parents left we met up with friends to see the fireworks that happen in our town. There is a concert beforehand and most people bring blankets and have picnic dinners. It's all good in theory until it starts to pour! The little ones were okay but this was one wet mommy. It did eventually stop and we were able to see the fireworks. Here's AJ and his friend enjoying their water ices.
Yeah, yeah. Go ahead and report me to the Diabetes police. Ice cream and water ices in one weekend. You might as well report me to Weight Watchers too because I sooo fell off the wagon this week. Back on track tomorrow!!



Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

It looks like you had a busy, but very fun weekend. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It has been forever since we went duckpin bowling. There isn't anywhere around here with it.

Kelly said...

I believe we were at that same family fun center on Sat. We must have just missed you. It was our first time and Brayden loved it!

Sarah said...

AJ & D, look like vampire babies...