Monday, June 30, 2008

Diaper Give Away

If you are a cloth diaper user or are looking to get started check out this great give away going on now from Nature's Child.
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just When We Think We Have It Licked

On the positive side of things AJ had a blast playing in the kiddie pool. Funky Chicken was taking an extra long nap, getting rid of any of the sickness that was left. So AJ had his Mommy and Daddy's undivided attention for a rare moment. We had of course unhooked his pump. Now I knew that it was more than an hour but he usually ends up running low when he's running around so much. Not this time. When we came in he was complaining he was starving, but that's a normal occurrence lately. So imagine my surprise when the meter read 413!! But wait it gets better... without thinking I gave him a correction through the pump. I should have given him an injection but wasn't thinking. Ten minutes later E realizes that his site isn't even on anymore. When did it come off we were wondering. Before the correction or after. Well we gave him an injection and just kept watching him. It all turned out fine in the end but it was just one of those times that put me in a funk. He was having so much fun so to have it spoiled seemed so unfair. Well to get me out of my funk I'm going to include another pic of my brave, sweet boy.

Friday, June 27, 2008

As If She Isn't Sweet Enough

Darn my Dunkin' Donuts habit! Starbucks is great but out of my financial and calorie budgets. But good ole DD never lets me down. However, they ruined one of my personal mommy goals. I was attempting to avoid all artificial sweets (i.e. candy, cookies, cake) with Funky Chicken until her first birthday. The attempt was twofold. First, she would hopefully gain an appreciation for the healthy foods. I just can't have another picky eater in my family. So far it has mostly worked; we're still trying to get more veggies in. And okay, if I'm being honest here than I have to tell you that GASP... she's had McDonald's chicken nuggets and Spaghetti O's already. Poor second child. The second reason was a bit more silly. I was envisioning her at her first birthday party having cake for the first time. I was hoping to capture the delight on camera. Well it just wasn't meant to be. In an unusual gesture of kindness, because most people aren't... kind that is, they handed me a bag of sugared munchkins for free. I could have dealt with the bag, but then the girl handed me an individual one in the tissue paper. Well Funky Chicken saw that thing and I've never seen her spit her binky out so fast. She then tried to grab the whole munchkin out of my hand. Two munchkins later she was one happy baby. Of course, my camera was sitting on the desk at home.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My First Thursday Thirteen

So my blogger guru started this one. Are you new to the Thursday Thirteen too? The purpose of this post is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun!
Here are my favorite 13 things about Summer:
1. More hours of sunlight
2. Going to the beach
3. The smell of suntan lotion
4. Sandals, especially flip flops
5. Swimming
6. Eating outside (picnics, the deck, etc.)
7. Fireflies
8. Getting to buy adorable bathing suits for the kids (and seeing those yummy tummies showing)
9. Short day Fridays for the hubbie
10. Getting together more with friends
11. Going for ice cream, especially at the local dairy farm
12. Going to more outside attractions, especially the zoo and shopping
13. Going for long walks and/or drives

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fever, Fever Go Away

Well it seems that Funky Chicken has the mysterious virus that has been making the rounds in this neck of the woods. AJ had it a few weeks ago. She has had a fever since Monday night. The poor baby has been pretty cranky, which is so unusual for her. Every time I think it is getting better she goes back up to 104. So we are doing lots of Advil. Tomorrow if the fever is still here she will have to go back to the doctor for blood work. I feel so helpless; I wish I could wave a magic wand and make her better. Wow... just writing that is making me want to cry. What I would do with that wand! Of course, AJ would become a "normal" boy. My brother's Crohn's disease would disappear. And my good friend's cancer would vanish, never to return again.

No we're not teenage girls...

but we are awaiting the new CD by the Jonas Brothers. Arrival date: August 12th. Their latest CD will be titled "A Little Bit Longer". That is also the title of a song that Nick wrote inspired by his diagnosis of Diabetes. He was diagnosed in November of 2005 and then in March 2007 he publicly announced it at a Diabetes fund raising event. I think it is great for AJ to have a cool, older boy as a role model with Diabetes. They recently had a special People magazine issue devoted to the brothers. We now have a pic of Nick with his diabetes tag and the lyrics of A Little Bit Longer on our fridge. You can view the lyrics here:
A Little Bit Longer

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Fun Day with Friends

So today was a long day but lot's of fun. We had friends in from Jersey. Matt and Kelly came with their 3 and Jon and Mel came with their newborn son (the cutie in the pic). So 3 bigger kids and 3 babies= 1 circus. It was complete chaos all day but everyone had a great time. The kids had fun splashing in the baby pool and just being silly outside. We grilled for dinner and it was yummy. Of course, I'm not quite sure what I was thinking. I envisioned everyone sitting around our dining room table. Um, not exactly how it happened. The kids ended up eating in the kitchen. Jon and Mel had to take shifts because of the baby. People were generally just scattered everywhere but it's all good. No one went hungry. I'm trying not to think about how many WW points I blew through today... I'm just going to get back on track tomorrow. And speaking of back on track I'm HOPING to keep up with the house. It hasn't looked this together since before Funky Chicken was born and I'm inspired. Tomorrow morning I plan on cleaning up and vacuuming and mopping... again. Why do we bother cleaning before people come? It took me about an hour to vacuum and mop and about 2 milliseconds for it to become a complete mess!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Check Out My Poll

So I am hoping sometime in this lifetime (or the next 6 months, PLEASE) I will get a laptop. I really want a Mac but hubby does not want to spend the $. So please complete the poll or comment on your experiences.

A couple of random baby musings

So I would like to know why it is that no one has come up with a way to make the feet of the sleepers stay put. There needs to be some sort of rubber bandy thing that doesn't cut off circulation but keeps their little feet in place.
My second frustration of late is the changing table. Funky Chicken is just not letting me change her. The strap on the darn thing just can't contain her. She flips onto her stomach and climbs out of the strap. She is constantly sitting up, reaching for the light switch, etc. I have tried giving her toys and singing. Pee pee diapers are not such a big deal, but the stinkies are becoming a real pain. She's getting it on her feet, the table, everywhere. I have to snap her diapers onto her when she's standing. (No her real name isn't Moonbeam. Yes I use cloth diapers.)

Well Here Goes Nothing...

So I have a little family blog that I started a short time ago. However, I have been wanting to get into some real blogging for a while. And then voila... Ms. Funnypants or as some know her, Sarah, decided to give some of us girls a Blogging 101 lesson. Now that I'm a degree or two more knowledgeable you will have the benefit, or misfortune, of bearing witness to my foray into the vast and sometimes scary blogging world. I was hoping to name my blog I Scream You Scream. I thought it was appropriate and I love ice cream. Unfortunately, great minds think alike and it was taken. So Sarah came up with the new title... thanks!
I think there was something at work today, be it a higher power, fate or sheer coincidence because today was quite frankly a disaster. But on the positive side now I have something to write about. It all started with the butterflies in my stomach as soon as I woke. They're not nervous butterflies but rather stress induced. Why? Because we have a bunch of friends coming this weekend. So why am I stressed? Well to put it mildly I am domestically challenged. I do try on occasion. See my link to the Fly Lady. I wouldn't say that my house is dirty. I do clean. It is just a disastrous mess; like a bomb exploded in here mess. I'm sure this is a topic I will write about often but I digress... back to my day. I got Funky Chicken down for her nap early and was about to take my 5 minute shower when the phone rang. It was my mother in-law who normally talks for about 2 minutes. But not today. Oh no, today she wanted to discuss some family drama and an hour later my daughter was up and I was not showered. The day only got worse from there with me accomplishing nothing. BUT WAIT IT GETS BETTER! The peak of disaster came when I fell down 5 stairs as I was holding Funky Chicken. She was fine. I on the other hand am pretty bruised up and sore. Why don't they make pj's in petite size? I tripped on the hem of my long pj bottoms. Of course, I was also on the phone and rushing down the stairs to get juice for AJ. His BS was 60... ah so that's why he had been particularly feisty. The icing on the cake was that my husband was picking up dinner. I requested Rectal Hell since they have a new lower fat Fresco menu that would have fit with my points for the day. However, there will be no Fresco menu today because of the rotten tomatoes. Arh!