Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fever, Fever Go Away

Well it seems that Funky Chicken has the mysterious virus that has been making the rounds in this neck of the woods. AJ had it a few weeks ago. She has had a fever since Monday night. The poor baby has been pretty cranky, which is so unusual for her. Every time I think it is getting better she goes back up to 104. So we are doing lots of Advil. Tomorrow if the fever is still here she will have to go back to the doctor for blood work. I feel so helpless; I wish I could wave a magic wand and make her better. Wow... just writing that is making me want to cry. What I would do with that wand! Of course, AJ would become a "normal" boy. My brother's Crohn's disease would disappear. And my good friend's cancer would vanish, never to return again.


Lesley said...

I hope Funky Chicken feels better soon.

I just started blogging tonight at Sarah's Blogging 101 Recap Class.

Your blog is really good. I hope I get the hang of it soon.

Sarah said...

You are a good mom, sister & friend to wish good things for everyone else....but come one at least wish yourself a new pair of shoes. You deserve it!

I hope little funky chic feels better soon.. let me know if you need anything...groceries, prescriptions filled..etc.

Classy Mommy said...

hang in there. isn't it awful when our little ones are sick and we can't do anything. i feel so helpless and finally understand why my mom used to say - "i wish it was me" when i would be so sick - and I didn't get that as a kid! take care. colleen :)