Thursday, March 26, 2009

He Makes Me Laugh... When He's Not Making Me Crazy!

Some funny AJ comments:

"Mommy, sometimes when we go down to the basement at school they say XYZ." I couldn't understand what he was saying but it sounded like broken toe.
"No. Not broken toe. But I think they are talking about a toe."
After a solid 5 minutes of trying to help him figure it out I realized that they must be saying Boker Tov. It's Hebrew for good morning. Apparently, he missed that translation about 2 years ago when he probably first heard it!

AJ: Mommy can we go to China?
Me: No. (thinking how nice it would be to go and digging the fact that he wants to experience another culture)
AJ: Why not?
Me: Because it is very expensive. Plus, it takes a long time to get there. Also, I don't think they just let anyone come visit.
AJ: But I really want to go.
Me: Why? (as the light bulb is starting to finally turn on)
AJ: I want to see the factory where they make all my Star Wars figures.
So much for culture.
I had to bite my tongue about possibly seeing kids his own age working in those factories:(
I can only do so much but I did point out some of China's other notable attributes, like the Great Wall, panda bears, etc.


I have a diva on my hands

Funky is already such a little girl and likes to play dress up all the time. She is constantly putting my shoes on and stealing my jewelry. After these pics were taken Daddy took her to the $1 store to get her own necklace, which she refuses to leave the house without. He's a bit worried about her future birthday requests. Diamonds are a girl's best friend! Hint, hint... mommies like them too:)

She loves this hat that is way too small on her.
Posing for the camera. Okay, not really. She just wanted to get into the bathroom.
She normally just puts on my everyday, i.e. flat shoes. However, we had gone out the night before and she found the heels. Evan was shocked and a bit concerned at how well she could actually walk in them!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

On Monday night we went to a Purim pizza party at our synagogue.

AJ was dressed in a Batman bathrobe (sort of like a King) and I had a mask for him to wear but he was having none of that. So it was perfect when he got his face painted like Batman.

Our own Queen Esther.
Clearly Funky was having a great time!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mommy Time

Recently I was lucky enough to attend a wonderful Moms Night In at the house of Classy Mommy. She always throws a great party. I was able to connect with some bloggy friends while also getting pampered. Thanks to Beth from Role Mommy I had my nails and make up done courtesy of Calista Grand Salon and Spa. Then I was able to check out the products by Slendertone. The Revive system felt like heaven. I was really able to feel my muscles relaxing. One of the ladies demonstrated the Slendertone System Abs. As she lifted her shirt to put on the ab belt I couldn't help but thinking that I didn't need to hear any more. The fact that she could lift her shirt up in front of a room full of women was an advertisement in itself! After having my second child my stomach is a huge problem area so I was so excited to receive the ab system, as well as the Revive system. Look at the video below for some highlights of this great night.

Role Mommy Presents Mom's Night In...Philadelphia! from Beth Feldman on Vimeo

Also, check out this funny video from Slendertone:


Monday, March 9, 2009

One step at a time

One of the reasons I voted for the President was his stance on stem cell research. I'm glad he followed through. This is a great day for the Diabetes community. One day we will have a cure.

JDRF Praises President for Executive Order Lifting Restrictions on Stem Cell Research


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bloggy Catch Up

Well there seems to be a serious and contagious virus going around. It's called Facebook addiction. Unfortunately, my blog has suffered the consequence. I know I'm not the only one because it's been pretty quiet at a lot of my regular reads. Anyway, I thought I would catch you up on all our happenings.

So a couple of weeks ago Funky was in our bed watching some Disney while I was putting on my make up. Evan went in to get AJ up and then I hear the uh, oh. Well apparently there was an accident and I went into his room to help strip the sheets off, etc. When I came back to the bedroom I realized that I left my eyeliner within Funky's reach. She must have mistaken it for lipstick.
To make matters worse she was holding her hand up when I walked in the door. All I could think about was the hilarious movie Rat Race, in particular this scene. (If you don't have the time just fast forward to the end)

A couple of weekends ago I had multiple errands to run. For some reason the rest of the family didn't feel like joining me. So Evan took the kids to a children's museum. I was bummed to miss it but they had a great time!

Of course, I realized afterwards that putting her in a headband while under Daddy's care probably wasn't the best idea. Olivia Newton John anyone?

Aiden had fun painting his face.


Snow Day! We went out for a little while. It was so cold and windy that we couldn't stay out too long. I looked over at Funky and her cheeks were red and splotchy. AJ's were pretty much the same. They had a great time while it lasted.

This was the best pic I could get of the two of them.
AJ had a great time. I felt bad that we couldn't stay out longer. He really wanted to have a major snowball fight.
These were her first steps in the snow. There were only 2 other times this winter that we had snow. We had an appointment for the one and she was sick for the other. She loved it!