Friday, June 27, 2008

As If She Isn't Sweet Enough

Darn my Dunkin' Donuts habit! Starbucks is great but out of my financial and calorie budgets. But good ole DD never lets me down. However, they ruined one of my personal mommy goals. I was attempting to avoid all artificial sweets (i.e. candy, cookies, cake) with Funky Chicken until her first birthday. The attempt was twofold. First, she would hopefully gain an appreciation for the healthy foods. I just can't have another picky eater in my family. So far it has mostly worked; we're still trying to get more veggies in. And okay, if I'm being honest here than I have to tell you that GASP... she's had McDonald's chicken nuggets and Spaghetti O's already. Poor second child. The second reason was a bit more silly. I was envisioning her at her first birthday party having cake for the first time. I was hoping to capture the delight on camera. Well it just wasn't meant to be. In an unusual gesture of kindness, because most people aren't... kind that is, they handed me a bag of sugared munchkins for free. I could have dealt with the bag, but then the girl handed me an individual one in the tissue paper. Well Funky Chicken saw that thing and I've never seen her spit her binky out so fast. She then tried to grab the whole munchkin out of my hand. Two munchkins later she was one happy baby. Of course, my camera was sitting on the desk at home.


Shannon said...

mmmmmm.. munchkins! sounds like the perfect intro to sweets to me!

Jenn said...

How cute. Just remember some times not having a camera is better you just get to enjoy the moment as it happens. I spend to much time behind the camera and just need to love the memories!

Sarah said...

Jude has already had a french fry.
We were at Chic having lunch and he was watching us eat them and helped himself to one.
He said.. MMMMM...MMMMM..MMMM as he licked and gummed it.
His baby food days are coming to an end.
He ate spaghetti this week too... also MMMM'd that.
French fries & spaghetti just call me Rachael Ray.

beth - total mom haircut said...

You know, that is so weird - I think Sam's first real sweet was a munchkin as well, given to us in the same manner. I mean, it's free! How can you pass it up?!...You know what it was, that was the first time he'd ever had chocolate. And of course now he's like obsessed with it:)

Oh, how I love DD. I'm drinking my DD coffee right now, but oops, it's cold. Must go reheat for like the 8th time.