Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No we're not teenage girls...

but we are awaiting the new CD by the Jonas Brothers. Arrival date: August 12th. Their latest CD will be titled "A Little Bit Longer". That is also the title of a song that Nick wrote inspired by his diagnosis of Diabetes. He was diagnosed in November of 2005 and then in March 2007 he publicly announced it at a Diabetes fund raising event. I think it is great for AJ to have a cool, older boy as a role model with Diabetes. They recently had a special People magazine issue devoted to the brothers. We now have a pic of Nick with his diabetes tag and the lyrics of A Little Bit Longer on our fridge. You can view the lyrics here:
A Little Bit Longer


Sarah said...

We went to a kids salon grand opening on Sunday and Radio Disney was there giving stuff away to the kids if they anwsered Jonas Bros. trivia right. I am sad to say that after listening to hours upon hours of Disney Channel & Radio Disney.. I knew way more than any 29+ should know about them or Hannah Montana.

I think it is GREAT that AJ has a cool, hip role model to look up to but, please draw the line if he wants to wear the skinny fit jeans with a blazer to dress like him. I just don't get that whole look.