Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just When We Think We Have It Licked

On the positive side of things AJ had a blast playing in the kiddie pool. Funky Chicken was taking an extra long nap, getting rid of any of the sickness that was left. So AJ had his Mommy and Daddy's undivided attention for a rare moment. We had of course unhooked his pump. Now I knew that it was more than an hour but he usually ends up running low when he's running around so much. Not this time. When we came in he was complaining he was starving, but that's a normal occurrence lately. So imagine my surprise when the meter read 413!! But wait it gets better... without thinking I gave him a correction through the pump. I should have given him an injection but wasn't thinking. Ten minutes later E realizes that his site isn't even on anymore. When did it come off we were wondering. Before the correction or after. Well we gave him an injection and just kept watching him. It all turned out fine in the end but it was just one of those times that put me in a funk. He was having so much fun so to have it spoiled seemed so unfair. Well to get me out of my funk I'm going to include another pic of my brave, sweet boy.