Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Funky Chicken!

I am excited, happy and mad... where did the last year go??? I can't even believe that my beautiful baby is a year old today. While I have still am having an extremely difficult time adjusting to two kids, I couldn't imagine our family without Funky Chicken. She is such a sweet, happy little girl who fills our lives with joy every day. I am having extreme guilt at the second child syndrome that we are experiencing, i.e lack of pictures, book reading, etc. I just hope that she knows how much we love her.

Here she is about 6 hours after being born.



Shannon said...

HAPPY 1st B-DAY FUNKY CHICKEN!!! Feels like just yesterday that I got the call from your Mommy while I was in Wegman's that you were born! We love you, big girl!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Funky Chicken!

Amy said...

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Funky Chicken!!!
I can't believe its been a YEAR!

You're beautiful!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Funky Chicken!
Sarah, Viv & Jude

Val said...

Happy Birthday! Time sure does fly doesn't it.

We always have a slide show of the kids birth going on their birthdays. Each year it is amazing at how different they look!

Dawn said...

Happy Bday!!! I can't believe its been a year!!!