Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back to the Doctor

Well it looks like we are back to the Dr. again today. He isn't convinced that we can rule out asthma based on the X-ray. So I'm off to learn how to use a nebulizer.
First I'll need to call AJ's endocrinologist to see what we need to do...apparently steroids reek havoc on BS and insulin needs. I'm just not sure if that only applies to oral meds or inhaled also. Oh, the things I never thought I would have to learn. By now I think I should be about a 1/4 of the way to my nursing degree

AJ doesn't even seem to know what is going on. He's still making me laugh. Like yesterday when he asked me to clean his ears out. He often has what we call Shrek ears. Gross! For some reason he can't seem to remember the word Q-tip... so he asks me to get an ear tip to clean his ears.



Val said...

Good luck at the doctors today!

Sarah said...

After Blogging 102, I can teach you Nebulizer 101.. I am an EXPERT nebulizer!

DembroskyFamily said...

Kaitlyn has a nebulizer. We let her watch one of her favroit tv shows and she will sit there and hold it. She is very good about it.