Monday, July 21, 2008

Six Things You Need to Know About Me

Okay, so after my last post about slacking Kelly tagged me. So now I'm going to half complete the assignment. I will tell you about myself but I'm not tagging others. I can claim that I'm trying to conquer #1 below but that's not the reason. It's simply because I don't really have that many bloggy buddies:( Chances are that anyone I would tag has already been. And let's face it I'm not going to tag some PMBer that has about 1000 hits a day and barely knows who I am. So it looks like I"m back in elementary school... I wasn't quite picked last for kickball but definitely not first!

1. I'm sometimes a perfectionist. I only like to do things that I know I will be/am good at. Which basically means that I end up getting nothing done. For instance, instead of having perfectly folded shirts in the closet I end up with a laundry basket full of wrinkled shirts instead.
2. I'm claustrophobic which leads me to be very picky about where I sit in facing the wall.
3. Even though I can be a loud mouth I'm actually pretty shy, especially around new people.
4. No secret here but I'm a bit of a slob. It seems like whenever I attempt to put one thing away I wind up leaving 2 other things out in my effort.
5. I have numerous pet peeves but one of my big ones is people talking through a movie. If I have to pay $10 to see a movie than I want to hear the A lister talking not the person behind me:)
6. I'm a make up junkie and I do not leave the house without at least some on. Not even to the gas station.