Monday, July 28, 2008

Mama Mia...what a weekend!

Here's the low down on our fun weekend:
Friday night: Mommy went out with the ladies to see Mama Mia and have dinner. I loved this movie!! I must get the music because I have the first two sentences of each song stuck in my head. It is so nice to get out with friends, get dressed in something other than gym cloths and talk about adult things. Plus, I have a name and it's not Mommy! One of my favorite things about getting dressed for these nights is the tiny purse.

This isn't mine but it's cute.
Even before Funky came along I had to carry a large purse. I know that with a 4 year old it's typical not to carry much. But one of the physical effects of diabetes is a bad back. Not for the kid but for the Mommy. Whenever we go out I have to carry his glucometer (blood sugar checker) and his emergency kit. The kit contains this: big ass emergency injection, supplies to change pump site, AAA battery, glucose tablets and syringes (plus other supplies that I know I'm forgetting).

Saturday: We went to Dutch Wonderland, a kid's amusement park. AJ had a blast. He is a pretty timid kid so we weren't sure how it would go. We were so proud. He went on everything except the larger roller coaster. He told us that he might try that one when he's 5. Meanwhile, he is already asking to go back.
Lovin' those fast corners.

Taking a pony ride.

As usual if FC has her binky she's good to go!

Sunday: The hubby and I got to have a date night. We went to see Dark Knight and had dinner out. It's always nice to reconnect.



Val said...

Looks like a great time!

And the binky.....isn't it amazing how many pictures you have with one in their mouth! I swear, if my son doesn't have one in his mouth its a miracle!

Erika said...

Jennifer--we went to see Dark Knight for our date night last week too. I was in awe of that movie--but you seemed to like Mama Mia better? Maybe that should be our next flick?