Tuesday, July 1, 2008


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For those that don't know what a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System is I'll try to give you a quick explanation. It continuously monitors a diabetic's blood sugar levels. It is great for being able to watch trends and see if the person is heading high or low. It is also an invaluable tool for parents to monitor their little one overnight... if the child is heading low an alarm sounds.
We are fortunate that our insurance will cover the device (although it will still cost a bundle). We plan to have AJ set up with it sooner than later. However, this is an invaluable tool that should be covered for everyone. To me this is kind of like insurance companies not covering birth control pills yet they would have to pay for prenatal care, maternity care and another dependent. If a diabetic isn't offered appropriate tools for self monitoring then down the road the insurance company may need to pay for a variety of medical services for such things as kidney damage, nerve damage, eye problems, etc. Anyway, we stand by all those fighting the good fight!!