Sunday, October 12, 2008

This seemed like a fun one

So I have been having some serious writer's block lately. I suppose since we haven't been up to much due to colds. Plus, someone needs to give me some serious camera lessons. I used to complain about my old camera that didn't work. Now I have a new one but every picture I take is blurry. I try to change the settings but nothing works. Maybe my hand is just that jittery?? Okay so all of that being said Beth has saved my blogging day. She posted this fun meme. Go ahead and join in if you want. All you need to do is find the 6th folder in your picture files and then find the 6th picture. Feel free to tag others; I'm tagging anyone who wants in.
This is a sweet picture of my baby boy, AJ. He is 19 days old in this picture. Oh how time flies... he will be 5 in February! I sure do miss those tiny baby days. Not enough to go for round 3 though.



beth - total mom haircut said...

Well, this is a much better picture than the one that turned up for me. I'm so glad you posted it - it's beautiful. Makes me almost want to go for the 3rd round too...but not quite:)