Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Day Late and a $ Short

So it was a pretty busy weekend for us and I spent yesterday playing catch up. That's why you're getting a weekend recap on Tuesday.
Friday night- packed up what felt like all of our belongings and drove to NJ. I think the circus may travel with less than what we do. We spent the night at my parents house because we needed to be up and out bright and early the next day.
Saturday- Evan and I went to the Rutgers football homecoming game. The hubbie has been a season ticket holder for many years and goes to EVERY game. I don't typically go but the homecoming game always draws a big crowd so it's lots of fun. I got to catch up with great friends that I barely ever get to see anymore. We did a breakfast tailgate and although I didn't taste it I heard my french toast casserole was yummy.

Jon and Mel

Saturday evening we drove back home and crashed. 
Sunday- In the morning Evan took AJ to his monthly synagogue program. I ran some errands with Funky. Okay, I have to fess up. I was at Target specifically to find something to wear THAT afternoon. Way to go last minute Joe. In my defense I knew I wanted to wear a red sweater. In my head I had one. But at about 2 am Saturday night I remembered that the sweater I had been thinking of was a maternity sweater. I managed to dig up another one but it was 3/4 sleeve and it was cold here. I luckily found a suitable red shirt. 
Sunday afternoon we headed to our good friends for a fab 1st b-day party. The b-day princess was so adorable! After the party we raced home so that I could go to my SIL's baby shower. She is expecting her second at the end of November. I already have a niece and now I'll have a nephew... I can't wait! 
Sorry for the blur... bad lighting. That's part of my gift she's holding up. 

The shower really made me miss the baby days. Until I thought of my two waiting at home and how I haven't even adjusted to two yet. No way could I handle any more.