Thursday, October 2, 2008

Doggie Daycare

I had a doctor's appointment today so we were picking up my MIL (who doesn't drive) to babysit. On our way back we saw a doggie in the street. He was very close to home but clearly wandering. No one was home so he came back to our place. Let me side track by explaining that I pulled a Jennifer and as I pulled out my paperwork for the allergist I remembered that in order to get my testing done I had to have an Epi pen. Great! So now that I have spent 20 minutes getting the lost doggy home I have about 15 minutes to get to my appointment. I speed away and dial Rite Aid, whose number I have memorized. Hmm... one plus for having a Diabetic son. They tell me that they can fill the order in about 10 minutes. It is at this point that I realize that I ran out without my purse; I had planned on grabbing my stuff out of the diaper bag. Luckily, I had accidentally left my debit card in the car. Ooh I guess there is finally a plus for being a scatter brain as well. I pick up the pen and have 1 minute to get to the Dr. Fortunately, they are only 4 minutes away. So I arrive on the verge of a heart attack (I must get back to the gym) to be poked and prodded for the next 40 minutes. The good news is that when I arrive home I get the call from Bruce the dog's mommy. We both agree that the battery on his electric fence collar must be dead. She was very thankful and happy to see Bruce when I returned him. Surprisingly AJ was not overly excited by the whole thing. Funky Chicken on the other hand was loving it and refused to nap until Bruce left. 



Kelly said...

I just read and re-read the post wondering why your neighbor is a woman named Bruce but then I saw that is the dog's name...I must get more sleep!

Totally off track but did you watch One Tree Hill...the biotch is dead!

Val said...

Bruce is so cute! He looks so sad behind that gate!