Friday, August 8, 2008

A Quick Lesson in Meteorology

This morning we had the Today show on in the background. They went to do a check of the weather and suddenly I heard AJ scream, "Hey Mom! I think he has Diabetes". I asked him how he came to that conclusion. He told me that he heard the man talking about a "low". I then needed to explain that he was talking about the high and low temperature for the day and not his blood sugar level.
Hopefully he will get to see someone on TV with Diabetes soon. We plan on watching a lot of Olympic events. Men's Volleyball will definitely be on our list since one of the players, Kevin Hansen, has Diabetes.


Amy said...

Too cute! That's awesome that he'll get to see a diabetic olympian play!

P.S. I tagged you :)

Val said...

That is adorable. I was just talking about something similar last night. That their is not much positive television out there. My daughter loves Evan Almighty. The only problem is her view of Noah's Arc is slightly off. It would be nice if they did a good rendition to appeal to her age.

Same with diabetes. If he could watch something positive that he could relate to, it would be much easier for him I'm sure.

Lucky, you have the Olympian over the next couple weeks.

Margie G. said...

That is just too cute!? Thanks for sharing, lol.