Monday, August 4, 2008

A Bear of a Scare

I have lots of other things to post but not much time. Plus, I need to upload some pictures. In the meantime I thought I would share something that happened about a week ago. It all started with the hubby and I going out one day. We had someone come babysit whom we love and trust. I must start by saying that the sitter shall remain nameless because quite frankly she was mortified by this whole incident and feels terrible. We told the babysitter that the kids were going to have a late dinner. Admittedly, I should have been much more prepared. We are usually so focused on the care of AJ with his diabetes that I guess the poor second child gets a bit forgotten. I knew that the babysitter was aware that Funky Chicken can have Cheerios and crackers so I figured all would be well. Fast forward to us coming back from our time out. The babysitter informed us that Funky was not able to wait for dinner. She told us what she fed her and it sounded fine. Then she mentioned that she also gave her a snack of Panda Puffs. For those of you unaware Panda Puffs are round balls of cereal. Round... as in they are the perfect size to lodge in my daughter's throat. When my hubby mentioned this point the sitter advised that she was sitting next to Funky the whole time. Um, alright. So I guess if she started choking you would have a front row seat. Now onto the second issue with the snack. They are PEANUT BUTTER flavored. It is the fourth ingredient listed. Of course, this is about the one food that we have not tested out with her. Plus, the hubby has a slight allergy to peanuts. Whenever, he decides to have a few I need to listen to him clear his throat 1000 times in an hour. I can understand someone not hearing about gluten or soy allergies but peanut butter??? Needless to say the sitter will be much more cautious in the future and I will be a bit more specific with my directions.



Kelly said...

It's so hard to find good help...we always say that but we usually have family watching the kiddos so we can kid around! When Cami was jsut born and Brayden was not yet two, we dropped him off at a relatives house so we could take Cami to the doctors. When we picked him up, they reported back that he had a great time and loved his peanut butter sandwich. Ben and I just looked at each other. We didn't even think to leave food instructions because it was not near lunch or breakfast. We think things are so obvious to us, but others just don't think about it!

DembroskyFamily said...

That is scary. When Kaitlyn was that age we only had family watching her but it is something to keep in mind for whe we have another one.

powesq said...


I thought about you as soon as I read this article!


Julie said...

we always had family that wanted to "test" or "stretch" the limits...okay, they still do it.

when my son was over at Pats uncles for lent (he was 1), my inlaws were SO PROUD that he ate all the fish on his plate.

I, of course, scream BWAHHHHH?! and call the pediatrician. MAYBE I'm a bit nuts.....but I get made fun of so bad for it. like "omg hide the fish, here comes Julie" (I don't take well to mockery. whether it be in jest or not lol)

I've lessened up a bit on the PB thing, just because when we went to the allergist, I'd asked them to test him. My one friend is crazy about Chocolate. Apparently her husband had a bad allergy as a kid.

Meghan is going to have an allergist and a dietician coming along with this GTube, so I'm somewhat relieved a bit.