Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Baby Boy!

Here's AJ a few hours after he was born. We had just arrived home. This outfit was also worn by myself and my brother.
And here he is now at 5. This was taken at his Chuck E Cheese party.

AJ has brought so much happiness into our lives. Oh how time is flying by. I'm so grateful for every second I get to spend with him, even when he is making me want to pull my hair out:) He certainly does make me laugh. For example, he had been a bit confused by this whole birthday thing. We celebrated twice over the weekend and he kept saying that he was 5. We explained that although we were celebrating he wasn't actually 5 until today. So this morning he woke up and we sang happy birthday. Then he said, "I think I'm still 4". "Why is that?" we asked. "Because I still look the same and I'm not any taller". So later today I will show him his 4th birthday pictures to prove that he has indeed grown, just not overnight.

I think this is a great shot and AJ is the one who took it!


Patty said...

Happy Birthday to AJ! I can't believe all of our kids are growing so fast!!

Sarah said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday AJ!

Val said...

Happy Birthday AJ!