Monday, February 2, 2009

A Chocolate Revelation

So this weekend we had some early birthday celebrations going on for AJ. I will be posting some pics and more info later. On Saturday night we were having family over and I was baking him a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, per his request. As he was helping me make it I almost started crying because I started to think back to when he was first diagnosed. As I'm sure is the case with any parent who receives surprising or difficult news about their child, I went through a type of mourning period. I started to think about all of the things that AJ might miss out on. For whatever reason one of the things I was upset about was baking. I have many childhood memories of making my birthday cake with my Mom. She would always let me lick the batter from the mixers or the bowl. I never thought AJ and I would be able to share that experience together. However, now that he is on an insulin pump we do have greater flexibility. Plus, the truth of the matter is that we have learned not to be so worried and rigid with his eating anymore. Did I know exactly what the carbs would be for a lick of the spoon? No. Was it possible that his blood sugar would spike afterwards? Yes. Yet I still let him do it. Overall, his numbers are great and I felt that it was an important part of my childhood that I wanted to share with him. I'm so glad I did because we had a lot of fun. It also made me reflect on all the positives that have come out of his diagnosis. The biggest plus is that we have been able to see how supportive our friends and family are.

On an unrelated side note about chocolate Funky Chicken managed to get into a leftover goody bag. She didn't eat any paper but managed to somehow suck the chocolate out of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. She was covered in chocolate and quite delighted with herself.