Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bueller, Bueller

Ah, so this is what Blogger looks like. I had forgotten. For all two of you that used to read, you may wonder why I disappeared. It was for the following two reasons.
1. Facebook: I'll admit I got sucked into the vortex and couldn't seem to juggle my time. And I didn't even play Farmville or Mafia Wars.
2. I will admit that one of my more annoying personality traits is a case of perfectionism. I am an all or nothing kind of girl. I either do it perfectly or don't do it at all. My blog suffered from this mindset. I kept comparing myself to others. Let's face it there are some really good blogs out there. What can I write about that will be exciting? My life is pretty darn boring. A lot of the blogs that I see are money making blogs and involve lots of give aways. I was feeling the pressure to make mine compare to that.
So now I've gotten real with myself. I don't have a professional background in PR, marketing, journalism, or business. So if you want to win something you can stop reading now. I also won't be worrying about my stats; i.e how many readers I have.
I've decided to use this blog as more of a journal for myself and my children. Someday I hope they can look back and get a glimpse of who we all were. I'd be more than happy for you to come read and comment. But if not I'm okay having a blogging party of one:)



Shannon said...

Welcome back.... I need to take some of your advice :-) I read, and I'm excited that you'll be posting again. Love, S

Chris said...

Erika again, NOT Chris, I think that FB has truly been the best and worst thing to happen to me in 2009. I LOVE being connected to so many people each day, I am seriously a social butterfly (not that you would ever guess!) But, I am a perfectionist too, which is 1) why I don't have a blog, and 2) why FB is so evil. I feel that if I don't check every comment, every person I know's status, if I miss someone, I will be out of the loop. All or nothing, which means all and too many late nights! I have been doing random diary entries like every few months, just so I will remember this time in the kids' lives. When I taught pre-school we used to write down in index cards what kids said on any random day and then stuck it in their file. Those things are priceless and so is your blog!

Dax Francisco said...

If you love writing, you don't have to worry about who's reading your posts. Expressing your thoughts in words should be good enough. It is doing what you love that matters the most. Don't waste your time thinking about what others are saying. Just do it!