Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Holiday Memories

So the winter break is over and I am struggling to get back on schedule. I have a lot of catching up to do. Therefore I won't be doing a detailed blog here but thought I would post a few pictures. Of course, I hated my old camera and insisted on getting a new one when Funky was born. Unfortunately, I'm not having any more luck with this one. I can never figure out which setting to use and all the pics come out blurry. So frustrating.

AJ opening up his Wow Wee Alive Lion.
To say that Funky loves her Elmo Live is an understatement.
Although AJ claims not to like Elmo they have been sharing these toys quite a bit.
At the end of a long night... they really wanted to stay up to play with all their gifts from family.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season.



Lesley said...

Love your pictures! Hope Funky is feeling better!