Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Mind of A 4 Year Old

AJ: Daddy, what game are you watching?
Evan: The Steelers vs The Chargers.
AJ: Why are they called the Steelers?Do they steal things?  Oh, I know they must steal the ball a lot. 
Evan then gives an explanation of what steel is, etc.
AJ:  Okay. What about the Chargers? Do they buy things a lot without using money? 
Clearly this Mommy doesn't use cash too often. 



Jill said...

LOL too cute! They say some of the funniest things sometimes :)

Welcome back to the OC! Hope you had a great vacation :D

Lesley said...

That was really cute! You wonder how they come up with the things they say sometimes!

Sarah said...

I can totally hear AJ saying that...too funny!

Lora said...

ha! he is way to smart! my son asked if we could get pizza on a credit card because he was low on cash. his "credit card" is one of those magnets you get from AmEx and he is 2. clearly i'm sending out the wrong message!