Thursday, March 26, 2009

I have a diva on my hands

Funky is already such a little girl and likes to play dress up all the time. She is constantly putting my shoes on and stealing my jewelry. After these pics were taken Daddy took her to the $1 store to get her own necklace, which she refuses to leave the house without. He's a bit worried about her future birthday requests. Diamonds are a girl's best friend! Hint, hint... mommies like them too:)

She loves this hat that is way too small on her.
Posing for the camera. Okay, not really. She just wanted to get into the bathroom.
She normally just puts on my everyday, i.e. flat shoes. However, we had gone out the night before and she found the heels. Evan was shocked and a bit concerned at how well she could actually walk in them!